Kayak Contemplative and Qi Gong

Contemplative kayaking and Qi Gong session

Connect with the sea from a more conscious point of view with a Qi Gong session.

As in all activities in nature, the presence, the silence and the surrender to be part of the blue immensity transforms the sense of the experience. Xènia Ros and Valérie Espinasse, Qi Gong teachers, propose to start the day with a Qi Gong session on the beach to open the senses before entering the sea to sail in silence. The intention is to be able to be more receptive to perceive the Sea in a more intimate way, with respect in the face of such majesty. An unique experience on the Costa Brava where we will paddle in a sea kayak, guided by an instructor, feeling the caress of the paddles in the water, contemplating the exterior and interior landscape, listening to the sound of the sea breaking on the rocks and opening ourselves to live whatever the new day brings us.

A mindfulness kayaking experience.


On request




From 4 to 12 people


2'5 hours




From 16 years old

Important information

  • Closed footwear that can get wet (old trainers, crocs, booties, etc.)
  • Swimming trunks or trousers that can get wet.
  • Thermal T-shirt or lycra that can get wet.
  • Spare clothes and towel to change into when we finish the activity.
  • If we wear glasses, some kind of strap to hold them so we don’t lose them.
  • Sunglasses, sun cream, something to drink.
  • Rental of equipment
  • Guide SK Kayak
  • Insurance

Come by public transport

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Practice ecotourism on the Costa Brava


We understand kayaking as a means of discovering our own region and that it helps us to get to know the fauna and flora, and we do this by seeking a return to the local population, generating the minimum possible impact and making our ecotourism experiences have a regenerative character with the environment.


At Sk Kayak we promote ecotourism activities in which all the services we offer our users are of quality, responsible and committed to the environment, the environment and the territory that surrounds us.


Let us make our activities Universal. When designing them we take into account that they are suitable for people with different functional capacities through the identification of Sensory Interest Points (SIP) where we work on sensory experiences with a minimum of 3 senses.

We tailor the activity to your needs

If it is a closed group we can create any of our tailor-made activities. We personalise the route, the day and the time so that you can come and enjoy it at the most convenient time.

In case of doubts or proposals, please contact us


The members of SK KAYAK like the contact with the sea and the contact with people, we love our environment and we are passionate about discovering the Costa Brava in a sustainable way through sea kayaking.